Tesla 2017.

We are proud that the First International Congress ‘’ Nikola Tesla -history of the future '', held from 24th to 26th April 2015. at the Sava Center, achieved a great success. Eminent speakers from home and abroad (USA, Germany, Norway, Italy, Australia, Spain ...) held a innovative and lectures at high scientific level. Congress had 1,500 participants. Particular attention has attracted international public dialogue '' Tesla and the nature of creativity'' which is over the internet followed close
50, 000 people (live streaming).
Congress had the full support of important state institutions including the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU), the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the Department for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the region, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies and many others.
Second of June 1892, Nikola Tesla was in our city and on this occasion addressed the students saying, 'I am, as you see and hear and remained a Serb overseas where the examination do. It also needs to be you and that their knowledge and work lifting the glory of Serbian nation in the world. '' On that occasion, we plan to organize The Second International Congress ‚‚Nikola Tesla‚‚ from 02 - 04 June 2017. in Belgrade (Sava Center)
Distinguished professors, the international experts and admirers of Nikola Tesla at the Congress will try to explain why Tesla's intelligence was at a higher level than our individual intellect.Duty of the Congress is to place Tesla in a public space in a different way, that is stronger than usual.
The Scientific Committee has decided that the main themes of the Congress are:
-Tesla and the nature of his creativity (innovation)
-Tesla and the nature of his spirituality at the level of individual consciousness and the evolution of collective consciousness and
-Tesla's Enlightenment as active ether of global change on the planet.
Special attention and emphasis will be focused on the second day of the congress, when it will be organized workshops.Through the internet(live streaming) exposure will be able to monitor a large number of people around the world.
Workshop 1- Tesla inspired holistic issues of creativity and education
Workshop 2 Tesla inspired holistic psychosomatic issues and spirituality
Tesla's vision and discoveries realized in controlled altered and transitional states of consciousness, events are macroscopic quantum nature with significant quantum-holographic creative educational and psychosomatic-spiritual implications. It will be at the discretion of Prof. Dr. Dejan Rakovic attract a lot of attention and will have a huge public response.

With Tesla as the inspiration we're going to continue the realization of his unfulfilled dreams.

Congress Office
Dr Vladimir S. Jovanovic


Congress 2015.-photo album

Prof.dr Branko Kovačević-Congress presidentDr Vladimir Jovanović and three former rector prof.dr Branko Kovačević, prof.dr Slobodan Unković i prof.dr Dejan PopovićCentral hallInformation BoothThe opening ceremony - Congress guestsMichael D. Kirby-U.S. AmbassadorProf.dr W. Bernard CarlsonProf.dr Vladimir AjdačićProf.dr Jasmina VujićProf.dr Slobodan ĆukProf.dr Konstantin MeylProf.dr Miroslav BenišekProf.dr Jovan CvetićProf.dr Vladan VučkovićProf.dr Michael PravicaIng. Slobodan NedićProf.dr Dejan RakovićProf.dr Dino KarabegSaša i Siniša RadunProf.dr Božidar RadenkovićDr Branimir JovanovićProf.dr Slavka DraškovićMr Aleksandar ProtićVladimir JelenkovićMiodrag NovakovićProf.dr Ljubo VujovićMr Milka KresojaIng. Goran MarjanovićIng. Spasoje VlajićMiloje PopovićMr Anja PopovićSamuel MaisonDr snežana ŠarbohSlobodan StojkovićIng. Miloje MilovanovićMilan ĐorđevićAna AtanaskovićProf. Dr. Michael Trifkovic with studentsAna Trifkovic author of the exhibitionHall 3/IRound table hall 2 / 0 (live streaming)Hall 3/I  26.04.2015.Opening Ceremony (Tesla lightning)Radomir Marković, prof.dr Branko kovačević, EU Ambassador, dr Vladimir Jovanović, prof.dr Dejan Popović and prof.dr Slobodan UnkovićDr Vladimir Jovanović, prof.dr Branko Kovačević, U.S. Ambassador Michael D. Kirby and prof.dr W. Bernard CarlsonPress conference 16.04.2015.Press conference 16.04.2015.Prof.dr Vera Petrovic, dr Vladimir Jovanovic, prof.dr Slavka DraškovićProf.dr Ljubiša Adamović, prof.dr Jablan Dojčilović , prof.dr Vera Petrović,dr Vladimir Jovanović, prof.dr Branko Kovačević i Radomir MarkovićProf. Dr. Dejan Rakovic with  Congress delegatesCongress guests  Dr Johannes Eigner -Ambasador Austria, Michael Davenport EU Ambassador Michael Kirby, US AmbassadorCongress PresidencyWelcome speech Prof. Dr. Branko KovačevićOpening ceremony



Congress center

Sava Center is the largest congress, cultural and business center in Serbia, and one of the largest in Europe, whose main role is to organize congresses and art conventions and similar events. Sava Center is a modern building complex in one of the best areas in Belgrade, located just five minutes from the city center and 15 minutes from the Belgrade Airport. The Center has two deluxe category hotels in its immediate vicinity – the Hyatt Regency and the Hotel Continental Belgrade, the latter forming an integrated architectonics space with Sava Center comprising three units: Building A (an office building), Building B (a large concert congress hall)and the Hotel Continental Belgrade. Sava Center is a modern center with a considerable reputation locally and internationally and more than three decades experience Read more.. 

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The City

Belgrade (Beograd) is the capital of Serbia and has a population of 2 million inhabitants. Belgrade is situated in South-Eastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula. It lies at the confluence of the Sava and Danube Rivers in north central Serbia, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkan Peninsula. Belgrade is the capital of Serbian culture, education, science and economy. As a result of its tumultuous history, a lot nationalities have been living in Belgrade for centuries. Serbs of Orthodox christian religion are the majority of population (90%). The official language is Serbian, while foreigners are recommended to use English in communication. Many people in Belgrade speak German and French. Read more.. 


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