Serbia, Srbija , Србија

Serbia, Srbija , Србија

The story of Belgrade “Nikola Tesla” Airport starts as far as in 1910 when flying field in Banjica was the first Belgrade airport. Since then until now, it kept changing location, growing and developing. It is only the name that remained unchanged — Belgrade Airport, until 2006 when he was given new name – Belgrade “Nikola Tesla” Airport.

Belgrade “Nikola Tesla” Airport has an ideal location related to other surrounding airports, as there are no navigational restrictions and it at the crossroads of major air routes. Air routes and approaches are equipped with modern radio-navigation equipment.

For the purpose of service modernization and comfort upgrading, the majority of airlines offer online ticket booking, after which is sufficient for the passenger to show with the travel document at the check-in desk in order to receive the boarding pass. It is necessary to make online ticket booking on the internet site of the selected airline.

Besides online ticket booking, large number of airlines also offer online check-in. Online check-in provides passengers with greater comfort during travel. Documents necessary for online flight registration are identical to those when registering at check-in desk, and according to ticket class, there is a possibility of choosing an airplane seat from home. All additional information regarding online flight registration options may be acquired on the internet site of the selected airline, through which the flight registration is performed.

Belgrade “Nikola Tesla” Airport did everything required in order to provide assistance regarding reception of passengers with electronic tickets and online flight registration. Please be so kind as to obtain all additional information regarding reception of passengers with electronic tickets and online flight registration at designated airline.

Code and name of the airport:

LYBE Beograd / Nikola Tesla

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