If Iwere fortunate enough to achieve some of my idea, it would be on behalf of the whole humanity. If those thoughts became fulfilled, the most exciting to me would be the thought that it was a deed of a Serb. (Nikola Tesla during his visit in Belgrade in 1892.) 
Polyvalent personality of Nikola TeslaUnlike his financiers and manufacturers and even his colleagues who lived in the period of industrial and financial revolution in America where the ideal was instant realization of projects as well as quick acquisition of wealth, Tesla stood out from his environment that could only partially understand him since he was a newcomer from another part of the world.
He was a scientist- poet, engineer- dreamer, inventor- 23 (extract from the book “Another life of Nikola Tesla” by Miloje Popovic- Kavaja)

Regardless of all the controversy and different opinions about him, Tesla was a huge magnet for everyone: both for those who admired him and those who refuted him.
Globalism and the openness of his views and projects, his thinking and visionary endeavors even when they go, according to the opinion of some people, into futurism and fantasy without any real basis win over both parties and make Tesla charismatic and mysterious person. Living in America in the second half of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century Tesla was admired by many and generated curiosity with his bold inventions and even more with those he hinted.

page 26 (extract from the book “Another life of Nikola Tesla” by Miloje Popovic- Kavaja)
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