Disruptive innovation for humanity
Sava Center Belgrade, Jun 02-04, 2017

In 1917 Tesla’s plan to give the humanity abundant clean energy and suitable global communication was foiled by financial interests. A century later we gather in Belgrade to revive Tesla’s vision and continue the work.


Tesla 2017. Conference

Track A
Reviving Tesla’s vision through art & media

Tentative custodian:
9am – 5pm
Sava Center’s Main Hall will showcase art and media at their best. But this will not be art for art’s sake! Artists, lecturers… inspired by Tesla’s vision will help us regain the sense of daring and direction.

Track B1
Disruptive innovation for collective creativity

In Hall 3 during the first half of the day we shall gather to revive and pursue an agenda already old but ever more vital: By organizing knowledge work differently, with the help of new technology, we can become collectively creative – hence able to understand our situation; and choose our future.

Track B2
Disruptive innovation for holistic health

In Hall 3 during the second half of the day we’ll continue the TNC work we began in 2015 by broadening it significantly. Health originally was wholeness, but our
fragmenting approach to knowledge made it all but that. Can we develop an approach to knowledge that can guide us back to wholeness? What will be the resulting approach to health, and our understanding of ourselves?

Track C
Sustainable energy
In Hall 4 we shall continue Tesla’s initiative to we give humanity enough energy without disrupting the environment. Our emphasis is on holistic understanding of
options; and on opening up daringly creative new ones.

Tesla 2017 TEDx

Disruptive innovation for humanity The TED format – sparkly 18-minute talks recorded to share globally “the ideas worth spreading”, has become popular worldwide.

We profile the TEDx Belgrade as the one where Tesla-style disruptive innovations are shown, in any field, which have potential to radically improve our condition.

At the end of the day the Tesla 2017 Award will be given to the idea that our international committee of disruptively creatives will identify as the most promising one.

Tesla 2017 Unconference

Part A
Disruptive co-creation

10am – 2pm

Having seen everyone’s creative ideas and dreams, we now weave them together into disruptive projects. Once again we meet in Sava Center, but now in a much freer ‘unconference’ format designed to maximize interaction and co-creation.
Part B

Unforgettable boat tour 3pm – 5pm

Touring on a river boat the scenic region where Sava and Dunav merge their flows, we take advantage of Belgrade’s renown ambients, bohemian music and food
tradition and hospitality. Seemingly we’re just having fun.But aren’t most vital and lasting alliances and friendships forged exactly when we allow ourselves to float aimlessly in a soup of creative people and ideas?

Part C
Splav reception 6pm – 11pm

We conclude the day and the event by sharing another experience for which Belgrade is famous: a party on a ‘splav’ – one of the large river floats. It’s an opportunity to mingle; or to have a peaceful and long conversation;interrupted only occasionally by artistic interventions