The only original Tesla’s laboratory had been deteriorating in Long Island until the American Jane Alcorn, a great admirer of the work of the famous inventor, saved it by gathering $1.500.000 from donations. With those funds she bought up a 6 acre estate from the company AGFA in May, where remains of Tesla’s Wardenclyffe are situated. It was built in 1901 and Tesla’s Scientific Centre is being built there now.

The president of Serbia Mr. Tomislav Nikolic unveiled a monument to the Serbian- American scientist and gave an inspiring speech last Monday. The monument is a piece done by a famous sculptor Nikola Koka Jankovic.

Mr. Nikolic said that Tesla, who was born as a Serb and died and an American, has become yet another historical knot that ties the destinies and friendships of two countries and nations. The famous violinist Stefan Milenkovic and the pianist Marina Arsenijevic performed at the ceremony.

(from Ilustrovana Politika, 1st October 2013.)