The first public lecture about Nikola Tesla took place in an elite school for talented children in Philadelphia, USA.


Our students have realized they have same dreams as Nikola Tesla, to create something meaningful for the world. They are ready to learn something about this great scientist- says Ashley Redfearn Neswick, the elementary school principal of  Tacony  Academy.

Marko Lopusina, the president of Tesla’s science foundation for Serbia:

– What was the American dream of Nikola Tesla?

– What is the purpose of his machines?

– Where is the museum of Nikola Tesla?

These were the most frequently asked questions that Tacony Academy students asked their teacher who gave a lecture about the work of Nikola Tesla. Tacony Academy is a specialized elementary school for talented American children who have been having regular lectures about Nikola Tesla for over a year, thanks to their principal Mrs. Ashley Redfearn Neswick.

This firs public lecture about the great American scientist of Serbian descent, as Tesla is represented in the US took place in school’s great hall for the student of fourth and then eighth grade.

-Nikola Tesla, the Serb from the Balkans who   came to America, had a dream to provide the energy for the world. We have a dream to give our contribution to the development of the American science. Our dreams are touching and through Tesla our dreams may come true. When we apply Tesla’s findings something happens. We will be able to understand our future much easier- said Prof. Redfearn at the beginning of her lecture.

Along with the teachers she demonstrated the work of Tesla’s transformer, movement of the altering current and working principles of its motor. The students were carefully listening to the lecture and paid great attention to the experiments where the lightning flashed and wireless bulbs were burning because they have already gained excellent basic knowledge about the findings of the great scientist.

– We have revived Tesla’s dreams- said the students of Tacony Academy while they were asking questions about the easiest way of  finding Tesla’s original machines.

In recent years the interest for Nikola Tesla among the student of this school has suddenly increased. The number of students who voluntarily visit lectures about the Serbian genius has risen from 300 to 1200. After this public lecture the American students wished to visit the museum Nikola Tesla in Belgrade and to be the first visitor of the new Tesla Museum which is being built in New York in the estate of his former laboratory.

Our students have realized that they have the same dreams as Nikola Tesla- to create something meaningful and to give it to the world. They are ready to learn everything about this great scientist and to visit Serbia- says Mrs. Redfearn who is also the initiator of the idea to introduce lectures about Tesla in the regular school program in the US.

The public lecture to the elementary school pupils is the first of many which will be given to the American children. These lectures and especially the reaction of the American scientists will be filmed and included in the demonstration material in the study prepared by Mrs. Redfearn as the explanation why lectures about Tesla should be included in the American schooling system.

Let’s draw the genius

In the meantime a competition for students “Let’s draw the genius” has started in the Academy in order to sign in their drawings and art work on the subject of Tesla and his findings. The exhibition of students’ work will take place at the school, 10th June, on Tesla’s birthday.

Author of the text:

Marko Lopusina

Journalist and publicist

President of the Tesla Science Foundation, Serbia